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Tier2 Group, Inc.


Distributor Partners

Tom Hawk
Inside Sales Manager – Quality Supply and Tool  - Distributor Partner - STAFDA

“Doug is one of our best manufacturer’s representatives and has always worked very hard on our behalf.  He was instrumental in securing a contract for us with one of our largest customers. Because of this contract, we have seen our sales to this customer grow tremendously.  We couldn’t have accomplished this without Doug’s help.
Doug works very hard to bring new lines into our showroom and we couldn’t be happier with his representation of these lines.”

Jeff Haggard

V.P. of Industrial Sales - Haggard & Stocking Associates - Distributor Partner - ISA and STAFDA

“I have known Doug for many years. I have known him not only professionally but also personally. I believe Doug's success is derived not only by his hard work ethic, but also his personal ethics as well. I try to work with people that I can trust in their work and trust in their word. I find this in Doug. I am happy to recommend Doug to you and your company.” 

Jerry Hassett
Purchasing Agent / Retired - Baker Industrial Supply   - Distributor Partner - ISA 

​"I have done business with Doug Ozolins and Tier2 Group Inc. for over 20 years. During that time, Doug has provided us with excellent service. Doug is quick to respond whenever we call and does a great job working with our customers and presetting the lines he represents.”

Brad Ruppel
Product Manager - P&I Supply - Distributor Partner - STAFDA and ISA

"Doug Ozolins understands and brings value to the relationship between manufacturer, wholesale supplier and end user. He has consistently proven to be a valued partner in our efforts to service our existing customers, solve problems creatively and in a timely manner and, most importantly, to grow our business. Hire him. Do it now... go ahead, I don't mind waiting. There, you've made a great decision ;-) "

Scott Johnson
Branch Manager / Govt. Sales - Linsun Industrial / Black and Company - Distributor Partner - STAFDA and ISA

“As an Industrial distributor selling contractor supplies, cutting tools and abrasives in tough economic times, we have found that a good manufacturer’s rep is priceless. 

Black and Company has benefited from a relationship with Doug for nearly 20 years. Doug has introduced us to some of the highest quality manufacturers and has mediated a partnership which has grown substantial sales and profits to this day. Because of Doug's trusted professionalism, positive attitude, experienced product knowledge, ability to demonstrate quality and savings, and real passion for the products that he represents, our company is able to have him work with our most valued customers, knowing we will be well served.

The bottom line is, in today's market it is priceless to trust and team with a competent salesman who adds value to the companies he represents. I would strongly recommend Tier2 Group and Doug Ozolins.”

Greg Charley
Branch Manager – Hahn Systems / Mill Contractor & Industrial Supplies  - Distributor Partner - STAFDA and ISA

“I have known Doug personally for almost 40 years and have worked with Doug in the Industry for over 25 years. He has represented his lines well and has been very responsive when issues have arisen. Doug has a very strong understanding of the Industry and is very well thought of in the STAFDA and Industrial channels.

I don't like to recommend an individual or an agency unless I feel very strongly about them. Tier2 is one of the top agencies we deal with and I would not hesitate in endorsing his agency.”

Mike Baker
President - Quality Mill Supply Company  - Distributor Partner - ISA - Retired

“Over the years Quality Mill Supply has worked with a select group of manufacturers’ reps that we trust, that share the same values as we do and that work to grow the lines they represent. 

To be honest so many manufacturers reps clip coupons, add lines and bring no value to us. Doug is one of the ones we totally respect, and recommend to manufacturers looking for a solid guy. Over the years he has helped us build strong sales with Niagara, Royal and other lines represented. He has total access to our company.

Unlike many manufacturers’ reps we work with, Doug works directly at the customer with our sales team and builds sales for Quality Mill Supply. Doug has always been professional in his approach, works hard and communicates well with our organization. We consider him a valuable partner in our business.”

End User Partners

Rick Harris
Senior Buy, The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc.  – End User Partner

“Doug Ozolins has worked with me and others in my Company for more than 20 years in putting together products that have suited our manufacturing needs.  It's rare that a manufacturers rep and an end user, such as our company, have worked together so well for so long. 

He has continually provided us competitive pricing as well as bringing us new products.  Doug and our Design Engineer have done a lot of work testing and sampling products to get the right products to fit our applications.  We have traveled to one of our manufacturers together to tour their facility, and Doug has introduced us to key Managers with that company who have been of great assistance to us. I am proud to serve as a reference for Doug Ozolins.”

Manufacturer Partners

Joe Sarkees
National Sales Manager – Niagara Cutter / SGS  - Manufacturer Partner - ISA

“Doug Ozolins, Tier2 Group represented Niagara Cutter for over six years. In that time we saw significant sales improvement, as well as an improved manufacturer/distributor relationships.

Tier2 Group met the sales expectations and goals that we agree were possible. Tier2 Group represented Niagara Cutter professionally and ethically in all of their business transactions.  If it would be helpful, I would be willing to speak to anyone from your company on Doug's behalf. I was proud to have Doug as part of my sales team.”

Richard Kozub Jr.
General Manager – Lug-All Corporation  - Manufacturer Partner - STAFDA

“Doug Ozolins and Tier 2 Group have represented the LUG-ALL Corporation for over 15 years. During this period, Doug has developed a great working relationship with our customers and distributors in his territory. As a manufacturer, it is important to have a representative who has the product knowledge, experience, and professionalism that we expect. 

We are very pleased to have Doug Ozolins and Tier2 on our team.”

Hollis Shepp
Regional Manager – WMH / Jet  - Manufacturer Partner - STAFDA and ISA

“Tier2 represented WMH for a period of 3 years.  In that period we saw excellent growth in the state of Indiana. Tier2 had growth across the board in almost all of our distributors as well as bringing us new customers.  They helped us penetrate several key end users in the state of Indiana, which we believe is the key to success.

We were cautious going in to our relationship due to the fact that Doug was not a direct employee of GRS Stohler, our existing representative.  GRS Stohler's team approach allowed us to communicate as a group very effectively and we had no regrets in our decision to move forward with our relationship”

Paul Foret
National Sales Manager - Tuffy Products / Arabi Sling and Hoist - STAFDA

​Doug is very knowledgeable of his market and has built excellent relationships with his customers.  He is effective at anticipating potential issues before they surface.  He has a strong desire for continual learning and I always enjoyed Doug’s easy and confident communication style.

It is with high confidence that I recommend Tier2 Group as a Manufacturer’s Representative for your organization and you will benefit from their valuable contribution.​

Industry Partners

Craig Vogel
Global Vice President Sales - Lenox/NWL Rubbermaid - Industry Partner - ISA and STAFDA

"Doug is a very energetic and passionate leader in the industrial and commercial sales channels. I have worked closely with Doug to develop the strategies necessary to win in this market place. He has been a big advocate of the importance of the manufacturers’ representative organization and has always represented this group in a very professional manner. Doug is results driven!” 

Gary Clark. CPMR
President - Clark & Associates - Industry Partner - ISA and STAFDA

“I have served with Doug for many years on various ISA boards. He has shown leadership, tenacity and diligence in his various roles. He also has a reputation as a hard worker in the field that generates significant results for his manufacturers.” 

John Buckley
Past Executive Vice President, Industrial Supply Association – Industry Partner - ISA

​​“Doug is one of the most creative, hardworking, detail oriented industry representatives I have had the pleasure of working with since I have been associated with the industrial supply industry”

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