• Channel 2.0 – It’s all about the End User!: The drivers and capabilities needed for all stakeholders to thrive in Channel 2.0 and beyond
  • Getting Close to the End User: The “serving mindset” needed to connect with End Users the way they want to be helped
  • IMR 2.0 Best Practices: A new performance standard strengthening the strategic connection between Manufacturers and IMRs
  • Standardized Sales Process: An industry first foundation & methodology enabling common terminology, automation and efficient business planning
  • Pipeline Automation: An industry first IMR 2.0 platform simplifying communication, IMR/Manufacturer on-demand collaboration and certification
  • IMR 2.0 Certification: What it is and how it will elevate and differentiate ISA Manufacturers and IMRs that are strategically aligned to the IMR 2.0 standard.
  • Core Values for the New Manufacturer / IMR Partnership: What it takes to make the new relationship “tick”

Top Considerations When Hiring Manufacturers' Reps - by Charles Cohon

Outsource your sales force? Why not? You already outsource your legal and accounting work, and you may also outsource bookkeeping, human resources, and other vital elements of your business. And the reason to outsource your sales force is the same as the reason to outsource those other functions — it’s a cost-effective way to leverage expertise that you could not afford on a full-time basis. Manufacturers’ reps are not just experts on your product; they also are experts in their local market area. And, unlike a direct employee who may be looking for the bigger paycheck that comes with being promoted from the Omaha office to the Chicago office, your Omaha manufacturers’ rep has roots in the community and has no desire to be “promoted” away from friends and family. Since his or her “inventory” is years or decades of experience in the Omaha market, why would he or she want to relocate and leave that behind? 
Tier2 Group, Inc.

IMR 2.0 - Independent Manufacturers Representative 2.0 

Multiple-line independent manufacturers' representative organizations such as Tier2 deliver more sales in a more effective and efficient manner for STAFDA and ISA partners, than any other way of going to market.  ​Today's manufacturers' representative firms offer a comprehensive package of value-added services that enhance the manufacturers and distributors marketing process.

IMR 2.0 is  a new standard of expectations helping Manufacturers and Independent Manufacturers Representatives (IMRs) create better strategic value for each other while satisfying the evolving End User and Channel 2.0 needs.

IMR 2.0 is the first step in a three step certification process (2.0 - 3.0 - 4.0) that we, as manufacturers representatives have committed to achieving.  

IMR 2.0 - Taking Manufacturers Representation To The Next Level

How Ready Are You To Wok With Professional Sales Companies?

One of the questions manufacturers need to ask themselves before starting a rep search is, are we really ready and prepared o go to work with a network of professional sales company partners?  Jumping in before you are ready could have disastrous consequences.  We've prepared the following questionnaire to help guide you to a realistic decision.

  1. How many years experience does your company have in outsourcing the sales function?
  2. Are you willing to consider using an agreement that is fair and balance and protects the interest of both parties?
  3. Will you consider sharing the costs of developing business in their territories where this is no existing business?
  4. Will you provide exclusive territories to your reps (no house accounts?)
  5. Will you so-insure your sales agents against product liability law suites by including them in your own product liability policy?
  6. Do you have a complete marketing support plan in place to support your outside sales program?
  7. Is the top management of your company committed to the use of reps? Are the willing to demonstrate this?
  8. Are you willing to make a ling-term commitment to a fair and competitive rate of commission?
  9. Do you understand that attaining mutually agreed upon goals rather than arbitrary quotas is the best way to work with your outsourced sales partners?
  10. Do you understand that regular, written reports tend to destroy the strategic advantage that a multi-line sales professional has over his or her direct competitors and are you willing to accept timely verbal and short email communications instead of call reports?
  11. Do you agree that your company and your reps should operate as Partners in Profits rather than employer/employee?

Honesty  -  professionalism  -  Integrity

Independent Manufacturers Representative ​